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Frequently Asked Questions

Top ten most frequently asked questions

What is my ICS customer number?

Your ICS customer number is your personal customer number. You will find your ICS customer number on your account statement.

What should I do if my bank account number changes?

Your ABN AMRO Card is linked to your ABN AMRO bank account. ABN AMRO will notify ICS of any changes to bank account numbers.

What should I do if my company's address details have changed?

You can notify ABN AMRO of your change of address.

What should I do if my home address has changed?

You can notify ABN AMRO of your change of address.

What should I do with an employee's credit card when they leave the company?

Your employee must return the credit card to you. You can notify us of this using the Termination of business Card(s) form.

What should I do if my credit card has been lost or stolen?

Call the Loss & Theft Department as quickly as possible: +31 (0)20 - 6 600 699 (lines open day and night). Your credit card will then be immediately blocked. You should also make a statement to the police. You will find more information in the General Terms and Conditions for your Card.

What should I do if my credit card is damaged?

You can contact the Business Card Service Desk on: +31 (0) 20 - 6 600 772 (Business en Prof) of + 31 (0)20 – 6 603 771 (Corporate Card).

How can I block my credit card?

In the event of loss or theft of your credit card, you can contact the Loss & Theft Department on +31 (0)20 - 6 600 699 (lines open day and night).

Where can I find information about how to use my credit card?

see the handbook for information on how to use your credit card.

How can I cancel my business credit card?

You can use the "Termination of business card(s)" form. The credit card can be cancelled by the company contact and by the Cardholder themselves. You should cancel the credit card at least two months before the month of expiry stated on the credit card. If you cancel the Card later than this deadline, you will be charged the annual fee. You will not be reimbursed.

How can I submit a complaint?

ICS values quality and does everything possible to provide you with the best possible service. If, despite this, you are not satisfied with our service, ICS will work with you to find a solution. You can submit your complaint in writing, by telephone or by e-mail via the Business Service Desk. You can find the contact details at 'Contact' at the bottom of this page.
If this contact or the solution offered does not meet your expectations, you can submit your complaint to the Management of ICS. The more background information you provide, the better we can assess your situation. You can send your complaint to:
or by post to:

International Card Services BV
T.a.v. het Directiesecretariaat
Antwoordnummer 242
1100 VB Diemen

Didn't find an answer to your question?

Please contact our Business Card Servicedesk at +31 (0) 20 – 6 600 988. This servicedesk will answer your questions and is open 24/7.

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