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Customer service

You can easily perform a number of tasks yourself. For example, you can request an Extra Card, change your company limit or dispute a transaction. So that we are in a better position to help you, we ask that you let us know which ABN AMRO Card you use.


  • ICS changes annual Card fee


    From 1 August, ICS is changing the annual Card Fee of the ABN AMRO Professional Card, the ABN AMRO Business Card and the ABN AMRO Corporate Card. ICS is changing the Card Fee because the costs have increased in recent years. The change will allow you to continue paying quickly, easily and securely with your business credit cards.

    Cardholders will pay the new amount only in the month in which the Card fee is debited. For example, did the card start on 1 January? Then you will find the new annual Card fee on the January 2024 account statement.

    Frequently asked questions about the change can be found here



  • ICS is innovating!


    For 35 years, we have been a strong, independent, and reliable credit card issuer in the payments landscape. That won't change. We've just updated our look. We are proud to present a visible house style that we will continue to develop throughout 2023. One that fits our brand and what we stand for. Now and in the future. Explore the new look.

    Carefree payments

    Easy enjoyment of our services. In a single fluid motion. That is what we want to offer you as our customer. Our new house style embodies this by breathing 'seamless', 'tech' and 'solid'. The new design has fluid movements but is also solid and reliable. With powerful letters and surprising colours. Technology is indispensable. Since we offer more and more payment solutions based on online technology. Naturally, with the same security you have come to expect from us.



  • Changes to the General Terms and Conditions as of 1 June 2021


    The General Terms and Conditions of the business creditcards of ICS will change as of 1 June 2021.

    The new General Terms and Conditions can be found at General Terms and Conditions. It concerns the following changes:

    ABN AMRO business Cards are only for ABN AMRO customers
    You will only be able to use your ABN AMRO Card(s) if it is linked to an ABN AMRO business bank account. We will contact you if this is not the case.

    A charge of €1.50 will apply to account statements sent by regular mail
    When account statements are sent by regular mail, a charge of €1.50 per account statement applies. This fee will not be charged for deposit account statements. You can view, download, and print account statements free of charge when you log in to My ICS Business.

    Would you like to stop receiving statements by regular mail and switch to digital statements? Activate My ICS Business:
    • For the company statements: activate My ICS Business as Contact person on icsbusiness.nl
    • For the Cardholder statements: ask Cardholders to activate My ICS Business as Cardholder on icsbusiness.nl


    Additional conditions will apply to the Delivery Guarantee
    If you would like to make use of the Delivery Guarantee, you must have paid the purchase amount directly to the merchant who has to deliver the product. In addition, you will need to send us the sales receipt of the product you paid for with your ABN AMRO business Card.

    For information about the exchange rate, please use the Exchange Rate Calculator
    For payments and cash withdrawals in foreign currency we use Mastercard exchange rates. These rates change daily. You can easily check the exchange rate for a transaction by using the exchange rate calculator at www.icsbusiness.nl/wisselkoersen. The exchange rate calculator also shows the exchange rate of the European Central Bank; this will allow you to see the difference between the ICS exchange rate and the ECB exchange rate. After a transaction in a foreign currency, we will not send you a separate message with a specification of the applied exchange rate and surcharge.



Your ABN AMRO creditcard has many advantages, such as purchase insurance, delivery guarantee and fraud prevention. Get even more out of your business credit card with our attractive offers. This page shows them all.

How to get more out of your Card

All ICS Business Card holders with an ICS Business App can make use of the offers. Log in to the ICS Business App and go to 'More'. Under 'Card benefit', click 'Offers' and choose an offer.

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