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Parking made simple with your business ABN AMRO credit card

Thanks to collaboration between Yellowbrick and ICS, as a business customer of ICS you can "brick" at an advantageous price. "Bricking" means starting and stopping a parking metre using your mobile phone or an app. This is particularly handy when you are out and about or at a business meeting. Bricking is already possible in more than 40 cities in the Netherlands.

Your benefits

When paying with your business ABN AMRO credit card:

  • No registration costs (normally € 10)
  • Free to start and stop your first 10 parking transactions (normally € 0.30 per transaction)
  • After the first 10 parking transactions, the cost of starting and stopping is € 0.25 instead of € 0.30
  • After that, there is no need to worry: the cost will be directly billed to your business ABN AMRO credit card

You can brick in more than 40 municipalities. Consult the up-to-date overview of Yellowbrick cities.

How Yellowbrick works

  • Park your car in one of the cities where Yellowbrick is active.
  • Start the parking metre via 088 - 2 742 536 (local tariff) or using the free Yellowbrick parking app.
  • Enter the zone code stated on the blue "P" sign on top of the parking metre.
  • You can stop the metre again by calling or using the app. You only pay for the time you were parked.
  • Your parking costs are automatically billed to your ICS credit card. Via your personal page, "My Yellowbrick", you can instantly see your parking transactions.

IMPORTANT: you may only claim the discount if you sign up to Yellowbrick via this website.

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International Card Services BV (ICS) Cardholders can make use of Yellowbrick's mobile or app-controlled parking service at an advantageous price. Yellowbrick is a third party and does not form part of ICS. If you decide to make use of Yellowbrick's services, you will enter into an agreement with Yellowbrick. ICS is not a party to this agreement, nor can it be held liable for the content or fulfilment of this agreement. ICS does not accept liability for any damages you may suffer in connection with the agreement with Yellowbrick.

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